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Simplest Duplicate Files Finder Remover 
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20.08.15  Search for all versions of this software 8/16/2020
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Freeware / Free for use New Release
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189440 / 0.1MB Not Rated
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Program Description
Free software recursively search for duplicate files in folders on my PC on Windows 10 computer This is the most easy-to-use duplicate file searcher and deleter in the world, just one drag and drop operation to complete the work - Find duplicate photos in a directory and remove them on Windows - Search repeated music files in a folder and delete them free on Computer - Find same video files and remove them free for Windows 10 - Search same document files in folder and delete them free for Win 10 If the folder "C:\my-folder" is selected, the path of the duplicate file will be saved to "C:\zz_my-folder.txt" Save all the paths of the files you want to delete to the file "C:\zz_remove-my-folder.txt", and import the text file into the duplicate file deleter, and all files in the text file will be deleted immediately. (The removal program will check if the text file name starts with "zz_remove")
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