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1.1.1  Search for all versions of this software 4/1/2019
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Demo / $1110  Major Update
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9759744 / 9.3MB Not Rated
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EASY365MANAGER IS AN EASY-TO-USE PLUGIN FOR ACTIVE DIRECTORY USERS & COMPUTERS For IT admins managing Office 365, Easy365Manager provides flexible user, mailbox and license management directly from the Active Directory Users & Computers tool without the hassle of using Exchange Hybrid, Powershell scripting or the Office 365 Admin portal. Perform the following Office 365 tasks directly from Active Directory Users & Computers: Create new Office 365 user mailbox Create new Office 365 shared mailboxes (without on-prem to Office 365 migration) Create new Office 365 room or equipment mailboxes Convert mailbox type (user, room, equipment or shared) Create mail-enabled users in Office 365 (users with external mail addresses) Configure mailbox aliases Hide the mail address from address lists See the mailbox usage Edit storage limits Enable forwarding (configure delivery options) Set delivery restrictions (approved or rejected senders and message size limits) Assign acces...
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