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Pixopedia XE32 
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Sigmapi Design  Find all Company softwares Sinisa Petric  Find all Author softwares
Version Release Date
2020.07  Search for all versions of this software 7/4/2020
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Freeware / Free for use New Release
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47577088 / 45.3MB Not Rated
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No Install Support
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Program Description
Portable image editor and painter. Perform any action through brush movement. Realtime 3D brushing and instant shadowing. New warping methods, facial deformations. Ornamental, iterative and textured drawing with various brush types and shapes. Fast filters, special filters, composed filters, convolve, various color manipulation and adjustment techniques, color twisting, image processing using IPP and OpenCV. Fast luaJIT plugin scripts through integrated Lua Image Processing System (LIPS). Convolutional neural network style transfer. OpenCV face swapping. Multi folding shadow caster and comprehensive image analyzing tool. New drawing engine with various brushes and strokes. Auto-brushing tool for emulating various painting styles from photography.
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