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Piping Hydraulics 
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1. Piping Hydraulics (PH) software, brief presentation. Software is available on the website The PH software is dedicated for engineers involved in design industrial piping/pipelines. It is software tool, which could be handy calculator of pressure and temperature change along piping/pipeline. Piping can create network defined by branches and nodes with defined piping geometry/insulations and branch fluid flowrates also through branched piping. The PH software tool was established on the novel thermodynamic model of differential equations resolved using Runge-Kutta method. It allows to calculate simultaneously change of temperature and pressure along piping/pipeline with defined fluid flowrate and piping geometry including possible loss/gain of heat to the ambient. Piping/pipeline can be surrounded by ambient air, water or soil and piping/pipeline might be insulated by up to 3 layers. ...
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