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Awave Audio 
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FMJ-Software  Find all Company softwares Markus Dimdal  Find all Author softwares
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11.2  Search for all versions of this software 8/18/2020
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Shareware / $23  Major Update
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3487744 / 3.3MB Not Rated
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Program Description
Audio File Format Batch Converter: - Supports a wide range of audio file formats reads from ~110 and writes to ~75 different formats. - A simple 3-step interface for quick and easy conversions handle a thousand files as easily as one. - File size is limited only by disk space and the design limits of the file formats. - Converts anything from low-rate mono speech up to 24/96 multi-channel audio. - Dithering techniques to improve sound quality when reducing the sample bit-depth. - Extremely high quality sample rate conversion with up to 144dB S/N-ratio. - Optional audio processing using VST plug-ins as well as built in functions. - Normalization support including Replay Gain, ITU BS 1770 and EBU R 128 algorithms for psycho-acoustically adjusted volume. - 'Direct Stream Copy' support for data types - providing a speed advantage and allowing addition of meta data (including volume normalization) without recompressing audio. - Handles many types of text meta-data (APE-tag...
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