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 Network & Internet:Network MonitoringNew Release
RS Browser Forensics 2.3Shareware
Examining users Web browsing activities? RS Browser Forensics is a perfect tool to help you extract, recover and analyse information from most popular Web browsers! The tool allows accessing deleted browsing history records and investigate Incognito browsing sessions by performing a low-level scan of the hard drive. RS Browser Forensics can extract logins and passwords stored by all supported Web browsers, recover bookmarks and extract additional information about the users online activities. Even if the browsing cache was cleared, RS Browser Forensics still recovers traces of the users browsing activities by scanning the disk. Low-level analysis of the hard drive helps to discover all currently installed and previously used Web browsers, and locate traces of user activities. The highly sophisticated disk analysis engine allows examining browsing activities occurring in private browsing sessions or after the browsing history and cache was deleted. RS Browser Forensics comes with...
SystemDate2 / 6 / 2018Download:
LanguageAuthorVladimir VoloshinSize20.1 MB
KeywordsCompanyRecovery Software$99.95US  
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