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Resilient Server 2.3Freeware
A Debian GNU/Linux (Buster) derivative with a unique partitioning scheme crafted for maximizing the strength against filesystem corruption: the ISO9660 system partition is read-only by design at filesystem-level. The data persistence partition contains only the delta: system updates and your data lay there. The data partition mounted on top of a read-only system partition makes the resulting operating system resistent to filesystem-corruption. Moreover, you can do complete system backups by just tar-ring only the files contained within that partition. Technically, Resilient Linux is a persistent live operating system which features a liveng partioning scheme, originally thought for live operating systems. Resilient Server, however, is hard drive installable: the liveng compliancy (programs and kernel updates with a readonly system partition) is thus suitable for indestructible hard drive installations. Technically The partitioning scheme is made up of two ISO9660 system...
SystemDate5 / 10 / 2020Download:
LanguageAuthorMarco BurattoSize3 MB
KeywordsCompanyBinary EmotionsFreeware Free for use
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