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Remodel Cost Control 1.1.Shareware
Remodel Cost Control (RCC) has been developed with small architects, small contractors and individual homeowners in mind. RCC enables you to create a budget, process invoices against it and generate budget and invoicing reports for it. The budget process is simple. Enter data for one or more bids along with the price and any comments regarding the item. Continue this until you have all of your options in the budget. Review the budget lines and remove any of the line items you don't want in the final budget. As bids arrive, scan them and attach the image to the specific budget line for future reference and documentation. Set a project start date which immediately locks in the base line budget. At that point any additions or alterations to the budget are treated as change orders. Keep the project's budget in balance with the use of change lines. As invoices arrive, enter the relevant information, attach the invoice to a specific budget line, scan the invoice or r...
SystemDate9 / 1 / 2020Download:
LanguageAuthorDavid BriggsSize23.6 MB
KeywordsCompanyDomus Novus, LLC$19.99US  
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