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 System Utilities:System MaintenanceNew Release
Wise System Monitor 1.36Freeware
As we all know, Once system resources reach full capacities, or the hardware components get too hot, full functionality cannot be guaranteed. It is more than necessary to monitor the real-time system and hardware status of our PCs. Wise System Monitor offers you a simple way to achieve that. Process Monitor gives users a clear and neat list of all the processes run by user and system, users can shut down any process that is not needed to make the PC run more smoothly in the Wise System Monitor interface. Hardware Monitor offers users detailed specs of all the crucial hardware components like processor, main board, memory, disk. etc. While Operating System displays accurate and detailed information of the windows system you are using. This two pieces of info come in real handy whenever you want to upgrade the RAM, hard drive or any other components. Among the hardware specs, there is also the real-time temperature of four most prominent hardware: main board, CPU, graphic card an...
SystemDate11 / 10 / 2015Download: 
LanguageAuthorIvan CooperSize1.5 MB
KeywordsCompanyWiseCleaner.comFreeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryCanada CanadaStat D:C19 : 0

 System Utilities:System MaintenanceNew Release
KingRoot 4.6Freeware
KingRoot is an amazing app for 'lazy people'. One click is all you need to root your android devices. Right now its engine has covered over 100000 models and more are coming soon. In addition, its totally free and without any ads. #What will you get from Kingroot Easy root access with One-Click On demand control of root authorization Remove pre-installed bloatware to save devices memory Stop apps from auto-starting to boost your phone. #Contact us If you have any problem during usage of Kingroot, please kindly leave us a note on our home page ( or our Facebook page (
SystemDate12 / 8 / 2015Download: 
LanguageAuthorKing StudioSize5.0 MB
KeywordsCompanyKing StudioFreeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C16 : 1

 System Utilities:System MaintenanceMajor Update
Cacheman 10.2Shareware
Memory is one of the most important pieces of computer hardware as it is in constant use no matter what a PC is used for. There is a tremendous number of variables that can influence the speed and performance of memory, and this in turn will affect the overall performance of a computer. Cacheman (short for Cache manager) can help by making it possible to optimize system cache and take control of RAM. A computer cache is a software or hardware component that stores user data so that future requests for that data can be served faster. Cacheman is suitable for use by experts and novices alike, and there are a number of manual and automatic optimization settings available to suit all levels of ability. Cacheman automatically optimizes how Windows handles memory. Depending on what the PC is used for, a range of computer performance profiles is available including gaming, graphics workstation, digital audio recording, notebook, and server. Cacheman dynamically changes the priority ...
SystemDate8 / 1 / 2017Download: 
LanguageAuthorThomas ReimannSize4.9 MB
Ratings 0 of 0CountryGermany GermanyStat D:C16 : 0

 System Utilities:System MaintenanceMajor Update
Easy Duplicate Finder 7 7.4.Shareware
Easy Duplicate Finder is an award-winning program that will help you find and delete all sorts of duplicate files in just a few clicks. Thanks to its advanced algorithms and flexible file management options, Easy Duplicate Finder offers unmatched accuracy and ease of use. Easy Duplicate Finder has an intuitive interface that lets you delete duplicates in a simple three-step process: add folders, run a scan, delete duplicate files. You can choose to delete all duplicates automatically, or you can inspect the scan results before you delete, move or rename the duplicates. Easy Duplicate Finder uses advanced file comparison algorithms that detect all the duplicate files on your PC and guarantee 100% accurate results. The program has lots of file management tools that make it easy for you to quickly delete the duplicates you don't need. You can sort results by file type and preview all detected files including pictures, videos, songs and documents. Power users can create file sea...
SystemDate10 / 27 / 2020Download:
LanguageAuthorEasy DuplicateFinderSize16.6 MB
KeywordsCompanyWebMinds, Inc.$39.95US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C12 : 1

 System Utilities:System MaintenanceMajor Update
System Mechanic Ultimate Defense 20.7Shareware
System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is the all-in-one suite of iolo's premiere security, privacy and optimization products. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense helps protect you against modern threats such as: password hacks, credit card theft, spying on your online habits, reputation compromise, accidental file deletion, sensitive data theft, malware invasions, Windows security holes, bloatware and startup bottlenecks, and PC slowdown induced by needlessly running background apps. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense includes: System Mechanic award-winning PC optimization Privacy Guardian online privacy protection ByePass secure password and credit card manager Malware Killer on-demand malware detection and removal System Shield real-time antivirus protection DriveScrubber military-grade hard drive wiping technology Search and Recover advanced deleted file recovery software iolo is an eight-time winner of the PC Magazine...
SystemDate9 / 26 / 2020Download:
LanguageAuthoriolo technologiesSize4.6 MB
KeywordsCompanyRealDefense LLC$79.95US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C10 : 19

 System Utilities:System MaintenanceNew Release
Remo Optimizer 2.0.Demo
Remo Optimizer makes your computer Faster, Cleaner & Better in just few clicks. Its advanced safe-scan technology digs down and identifies potential errors that slows down your PC and hinders its performance. Fixes registry errors, cleans up junk and eliminates invalid entries to improve system performance. Resulting in a PC that starts faster, works faster, and have no errors. Some of its powerful features; Cleans Junk Cleans up junk files present in your computer that are clogging the memory Eliminates Error Messages Cleans up invalid entries and registry errors that causes annoying error messages Prevents Crashes Fixes potential problems that causes PC freezes and hard drive crashes Enhances Boot Time Improves PC boot time by eliminating unwanted applications to run at the time of PC boot up Optimizes Internet Enhances your internet for a faster and better browsing experience Improves Response Time Securely defragments hard drive data to help files and programs to l...
SystemDate10 / 1 / 2015Download:
LanguageAuthorSales DepartmentSize3.0 MB
KeywordsCompanyRemo Software$29.97US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryIndia IndiaStat D:C10 : 0

 System Utilities:System MaintenanceMajor Update
ServerSentinel 5.0.Shareware
ServerSentinel is the reliable and automated monitoring software for servers, network services, hard drives and memory usage. With various monitoring sensors and individually definable testing intervals, ServerSentinel monitors systems for failures and irregularities. If a failure or irregularity is tracked, ServerSentinel notifies you in real time via e-mail, text-to-speech output or acoustical warning sound. This immediate notification allows taking precautions to avoid system failure and limitation of availability. ServerSentinel can take immediate action by running automatic scripts or programs that can take corrective actions as needed. Logged failures, reported irregularities and other performance data will be stored in an own database. All recorded data can be used for future analysis regarding system failures and server performance bottlenecks which guarantees reliable control of all systems.
SystemDate3 / 28 / 2018Download: 
LanguageAuthorJoachim MarderSize41.6 MB
KeywordsCompanyJAM Software GmbH$114.95US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryGermany GermanyStat D:C10 : 0

 System Utilities:System MaintenanceMajor Update
Wise Driver Care 2.2.Freeware
Wise Driver Care is an extremely simple and easy-to-use driver updater program, it provides one-click solution to update and fix outdated, missing and faulty drivers rapidly and securely. Likewise, Wise Driver Care can also analyze your existing drivers and provide the latest versions for over 600,000 devices. In addition, it has the features of backing up current drivers and creating a system restore point before updating in case the users need to roll back to the previous versions. What's more, Wise Driver Care also provides useful tools in Toolkit to help the users fix some common computer issues like no sound error and no network issues. As a powerful driver updater, Wise Driver Care is wrapped in a pleasant and concise interface, where all main components and features are neatly organized in different areas. With new advanced technology, Wise Driver Care can download and install drivers in a much faster and smoother way. To ensure the safety and security of the new driver upda...
SystemDate12 / 21 / 2017Download: 
LanguageAuthorIvan CooperSize7.6 MB
KeywordsCompanyWiseCleaner.comFreeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryCanada CanadaStat D:C9 : 1

 System Utilities:System MaintenanceNew Release
iMyfone-Umate for Mac 2.8.Shareware
Speed up your iPhone/iPad/iPod in one finger tap Umate knows exactly what is swallowing your iPhone space. Perform a scan on your device and identify documents that are hogging its space, Umate will smartly find and list junks based on your iOS version, device type and the usage of it, and then will remove and delete them according to your preference. Clear Unnecessary Files to Gain More Space Umate can not only clean junk files and temporary files thoroughly, but also can remove unused Apps and delete large videos which are over 5M. Umate will automatically save a backup of your photos and videos in your computer, in case you need to recover them later on. Upon doing so, it will create an intuitive awareness that your iPhone always feels spick-and-span and runs like new. Compress Photos losslessly to Reclaim 75% of Photo Space More free space, more fun. This tool - Lossless Photo Compression - frees space by compressing your photos without sacrificing quality. You can share ...
SystemDate3 / 17 / 2016Download: 
LanguageAuthorIvy LiSize15.4 MB
KeywordsCompanyShenzhen iMyfone Technology Co., Ltd.$19.95US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryChina ChinaStat D:C9 : 0

 System Utilities:System MaintenanceNew Release
Endpoint Security Management For Win 1.0Freeware
Metadefender Endpoint Management (MEM) leverages the OESIS Framework to verify the security and compliance posture of endpoint devices via static analysis. MEM also exposes APIs to enable third party solutions to consume and react to reported postures. Compliance checks report the status of: Encryption Password protection Operating System patch level Anti-malware protection Patch management clients Potentially unwanted applications (File sharing, toolbars, etc.) Endpoint detection & response (EDR) clients And more Security checks report indications of infection by: Reporting threats identified by locally installed anti-malware Reporting reputation of remote connections of the device And more Supported endpoint operating systems: Windows (XP - Windows 10) Windows Server (2008 - 2012 R2) OS X (10.8 Mountain Lion & newer) iOS (7.0 & newer) Linux (Debian/Ubtuntu & CentOS/RedHat) Android (4.1 Jellybean & newer) Additional open source support Metadefender Endpoint M...
SystemDate10 / 18 / 2016Download: 
LanguageAuthorSupport OPSWATSize22.5 MB
KeywordsCompanyOPSWAT, Inc.Freeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C8 : 1

Page: 1 : 28Found: 277In Dir: 277
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