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 Graphic Apps:CADMajor Update
LITIO 1.3.Shareware
LITIO 1.3 is a sheet metal program that calculates flat (unfolded) sheet metal developments of ducts, rectangle to round transitions, cylinders, cones, pipe intersections, connections, bifurcations, elbows, etc. For HVAC, hoppers, cyclones, dust extraction, ducts, conveying systems, silos, piping, etc. To draw your sheet metal developments directly in BricsCAD & ZWCAD. Steps of use: First select the 3D surface you want to unfold. (You can select: either inside, outside, or mid cross sectional dimensions and/or height specifications; to draw or not the 3D surface, and the unfolded sheet as a mesh [to help you when bending the sheet] or as 2D contour [to ease cutting]; the precision of the calculation of the developments). Metric Units/Imperial units: the program automatically sets the units according to the units used in the current drawing session. After finishing the input of parameters, the program draws the 3D object and the respective development. Afterwards, you can use t...
SystemDate8 / 1 / 2018Download: 
LanguageAuthorJuan MarioSize1.0 MB
Ratings 0 of 0CountrySlovenia SloveniaStat D:C17 : 1

 Graphic Apps:CADNew Release
3D FastView 1.0Demo
Why 3D FastView? * easy-to-use without learning costs 3D FastView supports all the mainstream 3D formats and is very easy-to-use even for inexperienced users, saving the costs on training. * light-weight and cost-effective 3D FastView is light-weight and therefore can be run on a regular computer or laptop instead of custom workstations. It has only the necessary features and functions to assemble, markup, translate and visualize large 3D CAD files and is, therefore, less expensive than CAD design software. Whats new? * compress With the world-leading 3D data compression technology, 3D FastView has the ability to compress files up to 95% ( from 10GB to 380MB) * Analyze With 3D FastView analyze function, we can analyze 3D CAD Model before manufacturing by calculating the projected area, undercut analysis, draft angle analysis, 2D/3D model compare, etc. * Assembly The advanced assembly capabilities of 3D FastView has made it possible to easily open large drawings a...
SystemDate6 / 18 / 2019Download: 
LanguageAuthorHarry YingSize734.2 MB
KeywordsCompanyGstarsoft Co.,Ltd.$1999US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryChina ChinaStat D:C17 : 0

 Graphic Apps:CADNew Release
CADbro 2020Shareware
CADbro is a 3D CAD viewer that helps with your collaboration on engineering data. For users from sales & marketing, design-review, change management, production planning, manufacturing, technical documentation. Open and view file created by NX, Catia, Creo ProE and file format like STEP, IGES, JT without expensive 3D CAD system. CADbro Cloud allows you to communicate 3D CAD data with project members anytime and anywhere. Diversified 3D CAD Support / Smart CAD Viewing With over 20 kinds of file formats are supported in CADbro, you can easily access & interact with 3D CAD data without expensive CAD licenses. What's more, CADbro delivers you smart commands to detect open edges and do quick healing, if required. Vivid 3D Annotation You can easily add dimensions, tolerance, symbols, or texts directly on the imported 3D models. The 3D annotations can replace traditional 2D drawings. Key features of 3D Annotation: Distance, Radius/Diametric, Angular, Coordinate Datum, Fea...
SystemDate12 / 19 / 2019Download: 
LanguageAuthorVincent WuSize561.7 MB
KeywordsCompanyZWSOFT CO., LTD.(Guangzhou)$1500US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryChina ChinaStat D:C16 : 0

 Graphic Apps:CADNew Release
tbl2cad 1.5Shareware
the tbl2cad is Microsoft Excel (2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016) add-in to export Excel tables to the DXF file format (as lines & text objects) as well as to import DXF tables containing the line & text objects to the Microsoft Excel table. The add-in is CAD independed and you can process your tables independent to your actual CAD system. There is avaiable also free version. The free version of tbl2cad writes the text 'Free version' instead of your text and it is designed especially to test the add-in with your Excel. Anyway - the free version can be also used to export the Excel table geometry (includuding the text sizes & position) to the DXF file.
SystemDate12 / 20 / 2015Download: 
LanguageAuthorJan PajerchinSize6.4 MB
KeywordsCompanyTECHSOFT s.r.o.$21US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountrySlovakia SlovakiaStat D:C12 : 0

 Graphic Apps:CADMajor Update
STL Viewer / ABViewer 14Shareware
STL Viewer is a versatile software for working with STL files. In addition to STL, it supports more than twenty popular 3D formats including STP/STEP, IGS/IGES, SAT, OBJ and allows converting them into other formats such as DWG, OBJ, JPG, etc. A significant feature of this viewer is measuring 3D models. The panel Structure shows the file content and properties of the measured object: its overall dimensions, volume and center of mass. By using this panel users can control visibility of 3D models' parts and save separate parts as DWG or DXF format. Easy-to-use measurement tools permit users to get more detailed information: area, height between two parallel surfaces, distance between two points, length of an edge and radius of a circle or a circular arc. The results of measurements are displayed in the special panel and are also added above the drawing. The dimension text can be moved, hidden or deleted. The drawing with all measurements may be printed or saved as BMP format....
SystemDate8 / 28 / 2018Download: 
LanguageAuthorCADSoftTools CADSoftToolsSize51.6 MB
Ratings 0 of 0CountryRussian Federation Russian FederationStat D:C10 : 10

 Graphic Apps:CADNew Release
GstarCAD Professional 2019Demo
GstarCAD is well-known alternative CAD software of high compatibility with ACAD. With 25 years of continuous improvement and lean innovation, today GstarCAD is far ahead in performance, stability and other key indicators. With the new core technology, innovative features, and outstanding performance, GstarCAD 2018 helps increase efficiency. Big drawings could be opened more quickly, customers could enjoy smooth operations with GstarCAD 2018. Independent Property Rights GstarCAD is based on independent intellectual property rights and patented core technologies owned by Gstarsoft. Friendly User Interface User interface and operating habits are very similar to ACAD, which is easier to operate and use. Zero training is needed for ACAD users. Data Compatibility Completely compatible with ACAD in data format, supporting the latest DWG/DXF up to version 2018. Innovative Technologies Unique and innovative technologies like Intelligent Display, Hierarchical Memory E...
SystemDate1 / 1 / 2019Download: 
LanguageAuthorHarry YingSize204.9 MB
KeywordsCompanyGstarsoft Co.,Ltd.$899US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryChina ChinaStat D:C9 : 1

 Graphic Apps:CADNew Release
GstarCAD 2019Demo
GstarCAD 2019 Collaborative Design is the worlds first DWG-based collaborative design system. It enables cross-department and cross-team collaboration, allowing designers/draftsmen to work together more efficiently on projects and significantly reducing the design errors and cost. The collaborative design system is especially applicable for manufacturing or construction companies where people need to frequently use Xref to work with each other and the overall team efficiency is highly valued. Meanwhile, based on the new technologies like data incremental storage and transmission, Collaborative Design of GstarCAD 2019 is also implemented as a drawing version management system, making it very easy to trace and return to any previous version and locate design changes by one click, and ensuring design quality and overall accuracy of specific projects.
SystemDate9 / 10 / 2018Download: 
LanguageAuthorHarry YingSize204.9 MB
KeywordsCompanyGstarsoft Co.,Ltd.$899US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryChina ChinaStat D:C9 : 0

 Graphic Apps:CADNew Release
BimRoad PlusFreeware
Parametric road design. The world's first software for automatic interchange design. Three-dimensional alignment design. Real-time interchange redesign considering design standards by changing the main alignment. All type of interchange design using user defined connection road. Automatic connection road plan by editing nose point. Automatic correction of road plan design element using parametric method. Free alignment plan and correction using only mouse like sketch method. Sight distance & rising road design. Automatic clearance calculation of cross road. Various design standard & English/Chinese support. Automatic Three-dimensional converting from two-dimensional digital map. Automatic extraction of GIS information in the digital map. Design of large file using three-dimensional TIN data and road(100km) at a time. Various visualization of three-dimensional terrain. Earthwork design. Full Cloverleaf Type Interchange. Trumpet Type Interchange.
SystemDate1 / 1 / 2015Download: 
LanguageAuthorJaeho LeeSize232.6 MB
KeywordsCompanyHaneeSoftFreeware Free for use
Ratings 0 of 0CountryAfghanistan AfghanistanStat D:C8 : 1

 Graphic Apps:CADNew Release
DWG FastView Plus 1.0Demo
DWG Fastview Plus is lightweight ,fast and simple with its familiar and compact interface.It is more than just a viewer for it has advanced measurement and dimensioning tools to enhance project team's communication and secure data exchange when sharing drawings with others. It has good performance as followings: Get accurate information like distance, angle and area from 2D drawings in quick and intuitive ways. Produce clear and concise measured drawings with the most standard dimensioning tools like linear, align, angular and much more. Convert one or a bunch of selected drawing files to other dwg versions available. Compare DWG files and highlight differences between drawing revisions . It allows you to share data with you partners in an innovative,secured and reliable way. Find and use the function at a similar place in a similar way. Open and save AutoCAD R12 to 2018 DWG/DXF files without size limitation. Load bunch of DWG files instantly. DWG FastView Plus is light-wei...
SystemDate7 / 16 / 2018Download: 
LanguageAuthorHarry YingSize77.3 MB
KeywordsCompanyGstarsoft Co.,Ltd.$99US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryChina ChinaStat D:C8 : 0

 Graphic Apps:CADNew Release
GstarCAD 2021 ProfShareware
GstarCAD is well-known computer-aided design software developed by Gstarsoft company. GstarCAD improves the working efficiency and streamlines the workload for designs, draftsmen in a wide range of industries such as architecture, shipbuilding, design, manufacturing, etc. The latest version GstarCAD 2021 is not only fast, highly compatible with ACAD, lightweight, and cost-effective, but also far ahead in performance, stability and innovation. GstarCAD 2021 has new features including new 3D command POLYSOLID, CONVTOMESH, CONVTOSOLID, CONVTOSURFACE, CONVTOSURFACE, CONVTONURBS and also supports POINT CLOUD and Quick Measure. More importantly, it has significant improvements in Tool Palette, Mtext Editor and raster image display,
SystemDate10 / 22 / 2020Download: 
LanguageAuthorEmma WongSize218.9 MB
KeywordsCompanyGstarsoft Co.,Ltd.$509US  
Ratings 0 of 0CountryChina ChinaStat D:C8 : 0

Page: 1 : 24Found: 235In Dir: 235
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